Age Management z.s. – Project „Work Ability Management“

Call 2020 Round 1 KA2 – Cooperation for innovation and the exchange of good practices
KA204 – Strategic Partnerships for adult education, Strategic Partnerships supporting innovation

Lead partner: Age Management z. s. (Czech Republic)

Project partner 1:Blik Op Werk (Netherlands)

Project partner 2:Slovenská asociácia age managementu, o.z., SAAM (Slovakia)


Project partner 4: Arbeit und Zukunft Consulting (Germany)

Project duration: 36 Months (09/2020 – 08/2023)

Objectives of the project:
The main objective of the proposed project is to bring together European specialist workplaces dealing with the issue of work ability and age management, to share their methods and to develop new products focusing on the individual needs of both employed and unemployed people, including support through digital technologies.

Partial objectives:

  • Sharing experiences, examples of good practice, teaching methods, training programs and analytical tools of partner organizations in the field of work ability support
  • Developing a common methodology for managing work ability support
  • Joint development of the digital platform “Digital Coach” to familiarize with the concept of work ability and for individual diagnostics
  • Joint training of professionals from participating partner organizations
  • Implementation of study programs for adult education professionals, higher education institutions and guidance for unemployed people in each partner country

Target groups and their needs:

  • Main Target Group:
  • Lecturers / Facilitators / Counselors / Mentors in Adult Education and Career Counseling
  • Intermediate target groups:
  • Employees, including those at a career crossroad
  • The unemployed, including the long-term unemployed and people with disabilities


  • Transnational Project Meetings: at every partner´s organization (total: 6 times)

  • Intellectual Outputs (all partners cooperate on all outputs):
  1. Title: Electronic publication: „Promoting aging in the workplace“
    Implementation period: 1 October 2020 – 30 April 2021
    Responsible partner organization: Slovak Association of Age Management, o.z. (SK)
  2. Title: Methodology for managing work support for the target group of employed people or considering a change of profession
    Implementation period: 1 April – 31 October 2021
    Responsible partner organization: Arbeit und Zukunft (DE)
  3. Title: Methodology for managing work support for the target group of unemployed people
    Implementation period: 1 August 2021 – 28 February 2022
    Responsible partner organization: Nemzeti Nepegeszsegugyi Kozpont (HU)
  4. Title: Creation of the web platform „Digital Coach“
    Implementation period: 1 January – 31 December 2022
    Responsible partner organization: Age Management z.s. (CZ)

  • Learning, Teaching, Training Activities:

To support the development and implementation of key project outputs, two short-term training events for lecturers / experts / advisers from the participating partner institutions will be implemented:

  1. Title: Work ability support at a partner organization in Germany
    Implementation period: June 2021
    Planned number of participants: 13
    Responsible partner organization: Arbeit und Zukunft (DE)
  2. Title: Towards successful professional seniority at the submitting organization Age Management z.s.
    Implementation period: February 2022
    Planned number of participants: 11
    Responsible partner organization: Age Management z.s. (CZ)
  • Multiplier Events:
  1. Final conference
    Implementation period: June 2023
    Responsible partner organization: Age Management z.s. (CZ)
  2. Pilot verification of newly developed methodologies in each participating partner country
    Implementation period: 1 December 2022 – 31 July 2023
    Responsible partner organization: Each partner in the home country

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